Jeannie Powers & The Hollywood Hitlist 09.04.15

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Jeannie's Hollywood Hit Lists 103.9 LI News Radio 7.24.15

So I showed up with my shirt inside out and backwards with only seconds to spare. That's the great thing about radio. You cant see me all disheveled at 6:47:50 a.m. throwing my backpack across the studio desk, ripping my R2D2 headphones out of my bag and trying to plug them in while my intro music is playing as Jay Oliver introduces me and I am still looking for my reports that are somewhere in my phone because my printer broke last night. Ahhh The Morning Show...Take a listen...

Jeannie's Hollywood Hit Lists 103.9 LI News Radio

Check out my Hollywood Hit Lists from the last few weeks on the LI News Radio Morning Show with Jay Oliver and George Romano 

I said Boner this morning while talking about Magic Mike XXL. Nothing beats that....See what I did there? Thanks for listening! 

Jeannie Powers Hollywood Hit Lists on 103.9 FM LI News Radio 4.10.15

Hey Tasians...

Disney STILL can't stop with the live action, Jay is so excited about my Bruce Jenner segment his breasts, George had the best Kanye line & I am soooo sad Hugh Jackman is going to retire as Wolverine. Check out my reports from today's morning show on 103.9fm LI News Radio because there is so much more...