Jeannie Powers & The Hollywood Hitlist 09.04.15

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Check out my Hollywood Hit Lists from the last few weeks on the LI News Radio Morning Show with Jay Oliver and George Romano 

I said Boner this morning while talking about Magic Mike XXL. Nothing beats that....See what I did there? Thanks for listening! 

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Hey Tasians,

Check out today's morning show. Jay could not wait to talk about Bruce Jenner again...

I have added last weeks Star Wars reports as well with all my flubs and my guest corresponded Darth Quillow who ran amuck & crapped on my news reports

The JP Pop n' Stuf Podcast - Episode 1

Here it is, the very first episode of The JP Pop n' Stuff Podcast! 

I am joined by my co-host Comedian Melanie Englert who  is absolutely obsessed with looking at my beautiful pictures everyday, I have no idea why I dont like things & don't think I need a reason, Melanie humps a stove while tripping out and gives birth to a turkey, how many times do you have to stab a pig and more...

Listen in for all the hilarity. We hope you enjoy episode one & as always thank you for your support! 

We will have a seperate website soon. Just workin out the kinks. 

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