Inside the Flip Side - Spotlight on the Mick Thomas Show - Epi. 39 - Trust No One

Cue the X-Files theme song here.

The Mick Thomas Show has taken a different turn for their 39th episode. Conspiracy Theories. Joining Mick in the studio are Jimmy Britt, Dom Dolce & Comedian Matt Burke.

Was the Boston Marathon Bombing Staged? Was Marshall Law necessary? What happened to the guy who blew off his legs? Is the government working to remove our guns over time? Does fear govern the people? What really happened with Building 7 in the World Trade Center? Did we really land on the moon before everyone else? You can be sure that anything huge in the news will trail with a conspiracy theory. What will you believe? Did aliens really landy at Area 51? Cue the X-Files again...What would Mulder & Scully do?

Conan O'Brien Fully Exposes Mainstream Media...check this out

I agree with Mick that nobody had any idea who Chris Christie was before the storm. I had no idea who he was before this show.

Jimmy questions everything he hears in the media, Mick plays devils advocate & Matt Burke is the all knowing conspiracy theorist. Thank god for Dom who brought the laughs and his wonderful head of hair.  

Do you know what HSBC stands for? Listen to find out...those damn Asians

Check out the Clinton Body Count. - An interesting read.

One thing I did agree with in this podcast was the clip of Jeff Daniels on my favorite show Newsroom where he talks about America not being the greatest country in the world. Whoever wrote that is a genius.

I personally love hearing & reading about conspiracy theories although I hold no opinion so this was a good episode for me. If you are into all the supposed conspiracies around us, listen to the Mick Thomas Show Podcast Episode 39. Click the link below.

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Inside the Flip Side...The Mick Thomas Show with Chris Roach

I was very excited when the Mick Thomas show had one of my favorite Long Island comedians on their Podcast back in November. He is Comedian/Actor Chris Roach. 

The first time I ever saw Chris on stage was at Calverton Links for a Livestrong fundraiser about four or five years ago. First off, I was amazed at his size. He is a big ass dude. The second was the extremely ugly shirt he had on that was also big ass. He was the only comic I remembered from that night. He was hilarious. I went home and youtubed him just so I could hear his LIRR song again. Unfortunately there was no porn that I could locate folks. 

Fast forward to last April...

I am back at Calverton Links for the annual Livestrong fundraiser and who was part of the show?? Chris Roach! I was so excited. He was even wearing that big ugly shirt again. I was in comedy love.

Also on the show that night were more of my favorite LI Comedians; Lori Palminteri, John Ziegler & Mick Thomas. This blog isn't about them though. But feel free to catch them at Mcguires Bohemia, Governers Levittown or the Brokerage Bellmore ;)

Chris will be recording his first comedy album this Friday, February 8th at 8pm at McGuires Comedy Club in Bohemia, NY. Its sure to be a hilarious show. I'll be there with my girlfriends. You can get free tickets by going to and using coupon code "meatscarf". Best coupon code ever!

Click the link below to listen to Mick Thomas & Tommy Dunseith interview Chris Roach. Its a great podcast about comedy and how they started out. This is probably one of my favorite podcasts from these guys.

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See you on the Flip Side and thanks for stopping by. Now beat it & go listen to the podcast! 

The Mick & Tommy Show Episode 15 - Thanksgiving Special & Tommy Dumped His African Kid

There is a reason why I continuously come back every week to listen to these guys. One, because I was a podcast virgin & they broke my PC cherry so therefore I am emotionally attached and two, they have grown & evolved for the better over their 15 episodes. It's worth my time & then I get to bring them to all of you. My people.

Here is the link...

The Mick and Tommy Show Thanksgiving Special with Mick Thomas, Tommy Dunseith & Jimmy Britt. Mark Lund also makes an appearance to talk about his pooing habits

Mick gives us a history lesson about Thanksgiving with definitions. He's really looking at porn. Seriously don't become a history teacher zzzzz. Libria is NOT a country Mick. Mark Lund joins in and apparently is a serial hit & run farter. He really likes his shits too. I can appreciate a good dump.

Mick is hoping he gets sooo big he can hire himself a Fart Guard to take the blame for his unwielding ass stinkers. 

So, what are they doing for Thanksgiving? Tommy & his family are volunteering at the Brain Trauma ward at LIJ. Ensuing Laughter. Sorry man, even that made me laugh. He wants to give thanks by feeding mac and cheese at the wack-a-do ward. Mick calls BULLSHIT. They dont need Tommy. Where's the staff? Tommy explains he will be serving the food and not teasing them with it as they are NOT billy goats. Jimmy tries to be the voice of reason between the two. Tommy must be getting some ass for this. Catholic guilt is making Tommy the villain, but tries to think of other people even when the acid didnt come through. Ahh the truth comes out...He is doing this for a bit.

Mick tells us about his volunteering in Baltimore. The family fed the real homeless while Mick cleaned the kitchen of a potpourri factory ruined by homeless stank. But in all seriousness, Mick is a charitable guy who doesnt like to boast about his charitable contributions. I am Mick Thomas. Buy my new comedy album. A percentage of the proceeds from the sales will go to St. Judes Childrens Hospital. It is a fabulously funny album that you wont regret buying. Plus it helps St. Judes. Win win

Jimmy will eat, give thanks, and not give a shit about the Indians from 400 years ago. Sounds like a plan. 

Micks all by his lonesome on Thanksgiving but dont feel bad for him. He was jacking up the heat, turning the volume up on the porn and having a protitute party with his comedy money. I'm thinking we are all doing Thanksgiving wrong except Mick. 

Micks take on T-day is that our American holiday is just celebrating that we are a bunch of fat fucks. Can you say gluttony?  It's a deadly sin but I have to admit. He's kinda spot on.

Tommy impersonates Mick & I have this sudden urge to eat a bowl of me Lucky Charms.

At one point in his life Tommy bought an African kid off the TV with monthy payments. He bought a GIRL. Because he is Not a queer. Tommys a great artist & sent his African kid a portrait. Uhhh where is she gonna hang it? The money goes to the village but should've went to sending her frogs. They have flies on their faces. A burger or a kit kat would've worked too. Unfortunately Tommy couldn't afford his Arican kid and had to sell it back so they broke up. SMH

There is no Thanksgiving in Ireland. The Irish celebrate holidays by punching their wives. They only do Christmas and Easter. Holidays based on ghosts. 

Tommy tells a crude pilgrim joke...that may or may not have been on the internet a few times. It's ok Tommy I still think you are brilliant. 

When Mick is left to spend the holiday alone he's got a honey do list. He wanted to hire mexicans to paint but couldnt wank. They wont tell anyone. Micks a fuckin genius because he thought of hiring two hookers in heels off Craigslist to paint so he could wank at the same time. Best Thanksgiving EVER. 

Find out what happened when Mick drop kicked a giant styrofoam turkey, kicked a dog back to the Mayflower and told everyone to go fuck themselves. Ok make that two Thanksgivings. Hide yo dogs, hide yo lawn decorations. 

Here comes the shit talk again. Mark comes back after trying to sit up 90 degrees while taking a shit. The approach didn't work. Give it time. Mick takes nice healthy shits, 3 times a day. WHAT THE FUCK?? Talk about a shit show ;)

Tommy is thankful for a magical universe which will infect people with kindness even though there are Irish cunts in the world. Ahem Mick... Timmy is thankful for the ride

I am thankful for these guys who bring their comedic skills to the internet airwaves. 

Follow Mick & Tommy on Twitter@mickthomas@tommymarbles. Jimmy has not caught up with the rest of the social networking world as of yet, but he will come to the dark side.

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Inside the Flip Side..."The Mick Thomas Show Epi 12: Dick'll Make You Slap Somebody"

I brag about these clowns every week (except the month they re-organized) so I am sure I don't have to tell you AGAIN how funny they are so here is their 12th podcast episode...

The Mick Thomas Show featuring Mick Thomas, Tommy Dunseith and Jimmy Britt.

Here is a summary...

Episode 12 is sponsored by McGuires Comedy Club in Bohemia & Nardy Honda Smithtown Wink. They didn't receive any emails this week. Lazy fuckin listeners. All pity emails can be sent to Seriously email them. They will read them on air.

Tommy has an alter ego named Timmy and he showed up for a hot second. You will have to listen to their older podcasts(I swear I will post them soon) to hear him and he's a few flies short of a poo poo platter but Tommy as Timmy is hilarious. Mick banged two sisters at an Ireland wedding. Nobody gave two shits.

This Wednesday October 24th, Jimmy Britt has a movie he created called The Creature from the Blecch Lagoon. Check the artwork for more information and go see the show. 

Paranormal Activity 4...Do you believe in ghosts? Timmy believes in sasquatch. Find out what the Lochness Monster really is. The Long Island Mediums husband sifts thru garbage and this weeks wacked video discussion about why dick'll make you slap somebody. She rockin & rollin!

The Mick Thomas Show has a facebook fan page and what do we do with them? We likey poo them. They need 50 likes so they can get their own web link. Can you help them out?

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To listen to their podcast, click below...






The Mick Thomas Show - Episode 11 ("Inside the Flip Side" brings you something new)

Now you all know I love to laugh. You also know I don't give props easily unless I am completely floored. These dudes have an impeccable talent and I want to share them with you. I will be linking all their episodes (#8 still holds as my fave) to my blog and future podcasts soon.

The Mick Thomas Show Episode 11 (click below for the direct link to podcast)

Brought to you by Mick Thomas, Tommy Dunseith and welcome comedian James Britt. Thank you...

After a much anticipated return I am happy to bring you their 11th episode. These guys were gone too long. Its been a boring month boys so don't ever do that to me again.

I havent had the chance to blog about these fellas yet individually except to always link their podcast to my facebook page in the hopes you would listen and laugh your ass off like I have since they started.

Here's a little synopsis of the 11th Episode of The Mick Thomas Show

Micks got a ball cyst. ouch? The Swedish Chef from the muppets makes an appearance thru Tommy. Love. Why Mick wont do Irish Spring commercials. It's rascist. Mick says girls have a martyr gene. Yes we absolutely do. 23 year old girls go thru an emotional change. I call it a psychotic episode but whatever. Woman are like Iraq. TRUTH. Sex toys. Yesssss. Has your vag ever been slipped an Altoid? Not mine. Anal Massage video on how to do anal breathing. Just listen...

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