The JP Pop n Stuf Podcast Episode 8

Welcome to episode 8 of The JP Pop n' Stuf Podcast. We were joined by surprise guest Comedian Tim Dillon who was performing at Governors while we were taping. In tonights episode we talk about what happens when ghetto meets Northport, what kind of degree you need to point at things at the MET, what it took to make Melanie look pretty for her sisters wedding, the Muppets, a toy drive comedy show at Crossroads & we call my mom at the very end so stick around for it. She threatens to kick Melanies ass and calls me bootylicious...

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Decemeber 13th at 10:00 pm at Crossroads Restaurant in Hicksville there will be a toy drive comedy show featuring Tim Dillon, 

Melanie Englert & Dennis Rooney. Bring a new unwrapped toy. The show is FREE! I'll be there too...yayayayaa! Just show up, bring a toy and be merry...

Inside the Flip Side: Spotlight on The Chris Monty Show...

I had the great pleasure of being a guest on The Chris Monty Show with Host Chris Monty, Co-Host Matt Burke and also Chris Roach.  I couldn't have asked for a better trio to sit in with. They are 3 of the funniest comedians I know & I definitely needed a drink first before going in the studio with these guys. It went by so fast. I can't wait to come back.  

Click the link below to listen to the Po' Pourri Episode 12 with ME...  

We talk deep frying skin, Matt Burke names my first book, my life in the rice patties, why I'm a Minnesota Viking fan, the lovely bar where I met my husband, sperm whales, dung and other fun stuff. 

Recently Chris Monty filmed a funny commercial for PBS called meet the Tanners. Click the youtube link below to watch the hilarity


To listen to other episodes of The Chris Monty Show with Chris & Matt:

Definitely check the schedule at for upcoming shows featuring Chris Monty, Chris Roach & Matt Burke. You will not be disappointed seeing any of these comedians. They are all great at what they do. 

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Inside the Flip Side - Spotlight on the Mick Thomas Show - Epi. 39 - Trust No One

Cue the X-Files theme song here.

The Mick Thomas Show has taken a different turn for their 39th episode. Conspiracy Theories. Joining Mick in the studio are Jimmy Britt, Dom Dolce & Comedian Matt Burke.

Was the Boston Marathon Bombing Staged? Was Marshall Law necessary? What happened to the guy who blew off his legs? Is the government working to remove our guns over time? Does fear govern the people? What really happened with Building 7 in the World Trade Center? Did we really land on the moon before everyone else? You can be sure that anything huge in the news will trail with a conspiracy theory. What will you believe? Did aliens really landy at Area 51? Cue the X-Files again...What would Mulder & Scully do?

Conan O'Brien Fully Exposes Mainstream Media...check this out

I agree with Mick that nobody had any idea who Chris Christie was before the storm. I had no idea who he was before this show.

Jimmy questions everything he hears in the media, Mick plays devils advocate & Matt Burke is the all knowing conspiracy theorist. Thank god for Dom who brought the laughs and his wonderful head of hair.  

Do you know what HSBC stands for? Listen to find out...those damn Asians

Check out the Clinton Body Count. - An interesting read.

One thing I did agree with in this podcast was the clip of Jeff Daniels on my favorite show Newsroom where he talks about America not being the greatest country in the world. Whoever wrote that is a genius.

I personally love hearing & reading about conspiracy theories although I hold no opinion so this was a good episode for me. If you are into all the supposed conspiracies around us, listen to the Mick Thomas Show Podcast Episode 39. Click the link below.

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Inside the Flip Side..."Organized Chaos Podcast Episode 11 - I went to Finns Deli"

I meant to blog episode 10 but I got a wee bit drunk watching the Knicks game last night so here is 11 instead. 

On Episode 11 of the Organized Chaos Radio Show...

Guess what happened?? Someone finally went to Finns but has a stupid bread allergy and couldn't have a muffin. Gluten sucks balls. Well, one person coming in is better than none. Go to freakin Finns Deli on 4646 Merrick Road in Massapequa. Mention the radio show and you get free muffins and shit that I cant eat. BTW it's really clean in there. 

Jeannie Powers and gets plugged again. She must really be amazing & lovely & unicorny and all that nice stuff they say about her..wink 

Bill did a show at crossroads and I was there. I got to meet him and see his set & six others. All were good, but damn the audience was horribly uptight. 

They had cheat day at Newridge Inn for the game. Bill talks about why Jet fans are delusionized. Bill does a great Woodson impression but Im thinking his thoats gotta hurt. Then there was some hockey talk but the Knicks are on and Im screaming at the TV.

Anthony is addicted to another show...Catfish on Mtv. Its gotta be better than those Kardashians. 

The Native Aliens Tribe sent more music. Listen to "Identify" but you have to wait because Anthony fucked it up. Send your music into their show with a blurb about yourself and it may get played. 

One of my Faves Chris Roach calls the show for a ghetto interview on a speakerphone and hes perfectly disgusting for a part on Dr. Oz. Chris packs PBA cards. Lots of them. Hes also very creepy on speakerphone. He did newspaper dating. He has rules so he didnt get attached to trolls. He will come in to the podcast for real but wants sandwhiches from Finns. 

Anthony thinks hes going to be single forever. Nothing wrong with that. Be a spinster. Aim low...

Believe in yourself Anthony...Seriously

Here is my message for next week since you are being all spiritual and shit..."Fight for your happiness." 

Ending on a positive note with Anthonys Mom. So funny. I cant stop laughing when I hear his mothers Mash Up. 

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Friday and Saturday night this week Anthony will be at Mcguires Comedy Club in Bohemia. Maybe I'll show up with some friends for a look see. Ill do anything not to Christmas shop or decorate the house. 

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Organized Chaos Podcast Episode 5. "I Will Not Have Sex With My Clone!"

There's another podcast I listen to hosted by Anthony DiDomenico & Bill Morales. You can listen at

I have seen Anthonys stand up and he is very good so when you see me share his schedule on facebook. Go have a look see. He also has a website and you can follow him on twitter @comicanthonyd. Follow Bill on twitter @BAMicle

They have a facebook Fan Page so click the link and like them. They will put pics of big cans if you do.

Follow them on twitter @ocradiogaga. The'yre not getting a lot tweets so follow and tweet them about the lack of big cans on their fan page.

They are also on itunes and not because of Anthonys computer skills. Bill is wayyy smarter than Anthony.  At the time that this podcast aired Anthony was promoting a Movie by the very talented James Britt called "The Creature from the Blecch Lagoon",  Rendevous with Comedy 50's style. It was at Governers on October 24th. Anthony had a non speaking part in the movie and he was terrific saying nothing and stuffing his face. You make GREAT face Ant.

Anthony likes promoting people and his Eskimo Brother is in a band called "Face The King". You can find them at They have a new single called, "You, Me & the Sound on their website. Vic, I know you are reading this, so blog about this band for me k? Thanks dude. ;) Anthony is nominated in the Long Island Press for Best Long Island Comic. Vote here - There are better but don't vote for them, only vote for Anthony.

Oooh Oooh they got an email question from the fabulous Jeannie Powers. Wink - Find out their stance on taxable lap dances in New York. Also visit Jeannie's hilarious blog at You are here. Like her fan page at and follow her on twitter @u3powers. Now please...

Bill also had a question asked of him a long time ago..."If you could clone yourself, would you have sex with yourself and if you did would it make you gay or would it be considered masturbation? Anthony will NOT have sex with his clone, let alone a guy. Listen to find out what he thinks about jerking off his perverted clone. Eyes wide SHUT.

Anthony just had his one year annivesary with Weight Watchers, down a whopping 109lbs. Ain't that just the shit! He thanks his brother Mike for the after school special intervention involving a whiffle ball bat. I can't stop singing Paul Revere.

If there are any bands who want their songs played on their show, email or facebook them with pics and bios to read. They accept gold coins as payment. Bill would like canned soup.

Next monday on their podcast is comedian Chris Monty. Also nominated for best Long Island Comedian.

Inside the Flip Side..."The Mick Thomas Show Epi 12: Dick'll Make You Slap Somebody"

I brag about these clowns every week (except the month they re-organized) so I am sure I don't have to tell you AGAIN how funny they are so here is their 12th podcast episode...

The Mick Thomas Show featuring Mick Thomas, Tommy Dunseith and Jimmy Britt.

Here is a summary...

Episode 12 is sponsored by McGuires Comedy Club in Bohemia & Nardy Honda Smithtown Wink. They didn't receive any emails this week. Lazy fuckin listeners. All pity emails can be sent to Seriously email them. They will read them on air.

Tommy has an alter ego named Timmy and he showed up for a hot second. You will have to listen to their older podcasts(I swear I will post them soon) to hear him and he's a few flies short of a poo poo platter but Tommy as Timmy is hilarious. Mick banged two sisters at an Ireland wedding. Nobody gave two shits.

This Wednesday October 24th, Jimmy Britt has a movie he created called The Creature from the Blecch Lagoon. Check the artwork for more information and go see the show. 

Paranormal Activity 4...Do you believe in ghosts? Timmy believes in sasquatch. Find out what the Lochness Monster really is. The Long Island Mediums husband sifts thru garbage and this weeks wacked video discussion about why dick'll make you slap somebody. She rockin & rollin!

The Mick Thomas Show has a facebook fan page and what do we do with them? We likey poo them. They need 50 likes so they can get their own web link. Can you help them out?

Click the link below!!/pages/The-Mick-Thomas-Show/205755642889738?fref=ts

To listen to their podcast, click below...






The Mick Thomas Show - Episode 11 ("Inside the Flip Side" brings you something new)

Now you all know I love to laugh. You also know I don't give props easily unless I am completely floored. These dudes have an impeccable talent and I want to share them with you. I will be linking all their episodes (#8 still holds as my fave) to my blog and future podcasts soon.

The Mick Thomas Show Episode 11 (click below for the direct link to podcast)

Brought to you by Mick Thomas, Tommy Dunseith and welcome comedian James Britt. Thank you...

After a much anticipated return I am happy to bring you their 11th episode. These guys were gone too long. Its been a boring month boys so don't ever do that to me again.

I havent had the chance to blog about these fellas yet individually except to always link their podcast to my facebook page in the hopes you would listen and laugh your ass off like I have since they started.

Here's a little synopsis of the 11th Episode of The Mick Thomas Show

Micks got a ball cyst. ouch? The Swedish Chef from the muppets makes an appearance thru Tommy. Love. Why Mick wont do Irish Spring commercials. It's rascist. Mick says girls have a martyr gene. Yes we absolutely do. 23 year old girls go thru an emotional change. I call it a psychotic episode but whatever. Woman are like Iraq. TRUTH. Sex toys. Yesssss. Has your vag ever been slipped an Altoid? Not mine. Anal Massage video on how to do anal breathing. Just listen...

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