I Co-Hosted The Gagootz Show on Madhouse TV

The last couple weeks I have been a fill in co-host on The Gagootz Show that airs live on Madhouse TV every Tuesday at 6pm. Here is last weeks episode with guests Tim Thomson & Les Degan and also Ryan Rizzuti. Hosted by Benny Rizzuti whose sock fashion sense is seriously lacking in this episode. I also plug myself over and over and over while mics break. Too bad we dont have Benny on one knee on camera but we do have a picture. Thanks for watching

Also check out a very funny episode I co-hosted two weeks ago with guests Chris Roach & Richie Ragu Geldermann. Richie has no idea what my name is or how to pronounce Aerial Yoga. Click the Link Below


Visit http://madhousetv1.wix.com/madhousetv2014#!about1/cwj7  for The Gagootz Show and many more.